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Kathleen Zellner and Steven Avery

Making a Murderer: Who is Kathleen Zellner?

At the end of the 10-part Netflix docu-series Making a Murderer, convicted murderer Steven Avery was penniless and fighting his legal battle on his own. After exhausting all of his assets during his i...


Making a Murderer: Was Steven Avery Framed By a Serial Killer?

Following the Netflix premier of Making a Murderer in December, there have been countless theories as to who could have killed Teresa Halbach. While many believe that Steven Avery is responsible for t...

Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer: Defense Evidence Left Out of the Documentary

Controversy swarms the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer as many argue the series is one-sided and biased toward Steven Avery’s innocence. Web sleuths (see here) and the media dug deeper into the ...

Making a Murderer

Top Five Most Compelling Making a Murderer Fan Theories!

Right now, “Murder is hot!” It’s hard not to be bothered by the many cringe-worthy moments that occur during the successful Netflix docu-series Making a Murderer. The series showcases evid...