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Easter Eggs in Horror Movies

Five Great Easter Eggs Hidden in Horror Movies

Filmmakers love to reference other filmmaker’s work, and this is especially true of horror. The Scream franchise is built upon movie references and in-jokes. It ushered in an age of meta horror, in wh...

Licensed horror comics - Horror Movies that Never Happened Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

Top Ten Horror Movies That Never Happened

For every horror movie out there, there are about ten more that never got off the ground. It’s just the way it goes and any number of things can be responsible. There are production problems, studio e...

Five Movie Monsters That Are Actually Kind of Adorable

It’s easier to be scared of monsters when you’re young. Everything’s new, everything’s mysterious. You’re never really sure what’s out there in the dark. Browsing the video store shelves as a kid, eve...

Seven Horror Mashups You Definitely Have to See Monster Squad

How the Monster Squad Sequel Could Work

There’s been some interest lately in a sequel to The Monster Squad. Co-writer Shane Black gave an interview recently in which he not only talked the possibility of a sequel, but also sort of found out...

Seven Horror Mashups You Definitely Have to See Monster Squad

Monster Squad Scribe Shane Black Teases Sequel!

Writer-director Shane Black is probably most well known for action-comedies like Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and, most recently, The Nice Guys. But, for a generation of horror fans, he will alw...


Ten Unconventional Takes on the Frankenstein Myth

Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein: or, the Modern Prometheus was first published in 1818, and even those who are not fans of the horror genre are familiar with the story of scientist Victor Frankenste...