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Review: Scream Season One Box Set

MTV’s Scream: The Series was renewed for a second season almost immediately after its premiere, due to strong viewer response. Fans of the show won’t have to wait long for the debut of the...

Bet Taylor-Klaus on Scream

Scream: The Series Recap: Finale

The finale opens with a Wes Craven tribute, which was extremely short, but they only had a few days to put it together. It’s nice for what it is and the intent is clear, and it’s fitting in some ways ...

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Scream Recap: Episode 9

Well, we’ve made it down to episode 9, the penultimate episode. We open with a mostly compelling flashback featuring the killer’s discovery of the Brandon James mask. From there we move into a very in...

horror on TV 2015 - Scream

Scream Recap: Episode 7

Welcome back to our weekly Scream recap. The opening of episode 7 gives us a very different style than what we’ve seen previously in the MTV series. None of the killers in the Scream films have been k...

horror on TV 2015 - Scream

Scream Recap: Episode 6

This episode is almost entirely devoted to the characters trying to uncover the identity of the killer, tossing out numerous red herrings along the way. Audrey is brought in for questioning after her ...

horror on TV 2015 - Scream

Scream Recap: Episode 5

Welcome back to our weekly recap. Much of the focus with this week’s episode is on the creation of “a new Emma” and that’s probably a good thing. Emma’s been an interesting character up to this point,...

Scream TV Series - Neve Campbell

Scream Recap: Episode 3

This week gave us easily the best episode of Scream: The Series so far. While the show’s Ghostface has been following tradition in their stalking of the regular characters and in the kill sequences th...

ghostface killer with his killing tool from the successful franchise scream by wes craven.

New Ghostface Mask Revealed!

We Craven has unveiled a look at a new retail version of the Ghostface mask via his Twitter account. Created by Fun World and R.J. Torbert, the new Ghostface mask is green, has cracks throughout, and ...