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Brinna Kelly

Brinna Kelly Talks The Fare [Interview]

Brinna Kelly is the screenwriter and one of the stars of The Fare. Click here to check out our gushing review of the movie. Kelly kindly provided the following bio which describes her humble beginning...

The Fare

The Fare is a Captivating Thriller With a Delightful Twist [Review]

The Fare follows Harris (Gino Anthony Pesi) and Penny (Brinna Kelly) who appear to be stuck in a time loop. They endlessly play through the same scenario of Harris, a lonely cab driver, picking up Pen...

Advance Review: Synchronicity is a Breath-Taking Mind-Blowing Thriller

From the very beginning, Synchronicity sets a pace that will make your head spin and tells a story that will draw you in from the first ten minutes. The film follows Jim Beale and his two partners who...