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20 Years On, Lake Placid Chomps Through Its Contemporaries [Retrospective]

20 years ago, in the magical summer of 1999, two, life-changingly brilliant creature features were released within just 12 days of each other; Deep Blue Sea, of which I am the unofficial, lifelong pub...

Frightfest 2016 Review: The Master Cleanse

The Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki hasn’t starred in a horror movie since his memorable turn in classic nineties slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer (he’s due to star in the up...

The new king kong movie skull island starring Tom Hiddleston.

Animal Kingdom- Beasts You Wouldn’t Want As Pets

Animals are cute right? Many of us get a pet to show us love and affection at any given time.  We all love a furry friend. Unless they try to eat us that is. Read on below for our top terrifying anima...