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Advance Review: The Haunting of Alice D Is A Paranormal Revenge Thriller That Almost Gets It Right

The Haunting of Alice D is a paranormal thriller centering on the revenge of the titular character, a young girl forced into sex slavery who tragically died in the late 1890s. Her ghost still haunts t...

The Other Side of the Door

Review: The Other Side Of The Door Is Yet Another Dull, Derivative Studio Horror Movie

In its first, big jump scare moment (the first of many), The Other Side Of The Door utilises the coffin, and decomposing body, of a dead child that is being dug up so his ashes can be used to make con...

Anthony DiBlasi Last Shift

Exclusive Interview: Anthony DiBlasi Talks Last Shift

Anthony DiBlasi’s Last Shift was one of the best horror movies of last year. Expertly blending old-school suspense with high-intensity scares, the project was warmly received by critics and horr...

Review: The Invoking 2

Anthologies are not always easy to pull off. While it is not a hard-and-fast rule, in order to achieve the desired scare, there usually needs to be an efficient amount of time dedicated to character a...

Stir of Echoes

Why Stir of Echoes is Still in the Shadow of The Sixth Sense (And Why it Shouldn’t Be)

The Sixth Sense is one of the biggest, most critically acclaimed horror movies of all time. Sure, people may now insist that they saw the twist coming from the very first scene, but you didn’t hear an...

Second Opinion: Unfriended is a Sharp Film with a Strong Anti-Bullying Message

Wicked Horror ran a review of Unfriended on opening weekend  (original review) and rated the film fairly negatively. But back with a second opinion is Joey Keogh, who will make a case for why she thin...

The enfield poltergiest.

Scariest Sightings In Britain

The United Kingdom is known for its haunted areas all over, but here I list the 10 most scary sightings in Britain as recently noted by the Daily Star newspaper.

Blu-ray artwork for The Legend of Hell House.

‘The Legend of Hell House’ is Headed for Blu-ray

[soliloquy id=”7306″] The genre film focused distributor Scream Factory will be bringing tried and true classic The Legend of Hell House to blu-ray. They have preserved the original theatr...

‘2 Bedroom 1 Bath’ Locks Down a Theatrical Release Date

[soliloquy id=”7879″] The indie horror film 2 Bedroom 1 Bath will screen in at least ten theaters across California next month. The limited theatrical release is set to  begin September 5t...

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