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Alien - Rebecca Ferguson - Alien 5 - Alien Identity

Practical Magic: Six Monsters That Revolutionized the Industry

The amount of work that goes into special effects in this industry should never be overlooked. From the gore to the imaginative creatures, these are amazing feats created by talented people. And fans ...

Why Shocker was a surprisingly personal movie for wes craven

Seven Horror Films With Effects Better Than the Movie Itself

As horror fans, we go crazy for practical effects. Genre output from the 1980s was rife with expertly rendered practical FX work. By the mid-’80s, the effects had become the main attraction of m...

The Thing - Creature Comforts: The Lost Art of the Monster Movie

Practical Matters: The Frustrating Story of the Thing Prequel We Could Have Had

2011’s The Thing has its fans. I can’t say that it’s totally maligned because if anything, more people seem to be discovering it over time. It didn’t do great in theaters and was instead pretty much d...

Effects sequences that almost went terribly wrong

Seven Effects Sequences That Almost Went Very Wrong

Some of the best horror movies boast elaborate visual effects sequences that really help them to stand out. These scenes often form some of the feature’s most impressive and iconic moments. The ...

Six Most Innovative FX Sequences in the Nightmare on Elm Street Series

Even the first A Nightmare on Elm Street, despite its modest budget, contained a great deal of ambitious makeup FX work. As the money increased and the series went on, the effects sequences became big...