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Predator Sequel Movie

First Image Of Predator Cast Drops!

Last week, we learned that Shane Black’s hugely-anticipated, upcoming Predator reboot/sequel/thing is going to be an intriguing mixture of horror, sci-fi and western elements. The movie will als...

Predator Sequel Movie

The Predator Will Be A Mix Of Sci-Fi, Horror And Western

The Predator news just keeps on coming. Earlier this week, we learned of two high-profile stuntmen reportedly set to strap on the creature’s boots (namely Kyle Strauts and Bryan A. Prince). And ...

Predator Sequel Movie

Do We Know Who’s Playing The Predator?

It’s been a little while since we’ve learned anything concrete in relation to Shane Black’s very literally-titled sequel/reboot/whatever it is, The Predator. The last piece of info o...

Predator Sequel Movie

The Predator Nabs A Cinematographer

Details on Shane Black’s upcoming sequel The Predator are slowly leaking out, with the release date, certain cast members and plot points revealed over the past few months. Now, the flick has a ...

Predator Sequel Movie

Predator Sequel-Reboot Will Not Be Set in Suburbia

We recently reported that the upcoming Predator sequel-reboot would be set in suburbia but it turns out that THR didn’t quite have their facts straight when they exclusively reported that. Direc...

Predator Sequel Movie

Predator Reboot Adds New Cast Member!

THR has just broken the news that Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) has joined the cast of Shane Black’s (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) Predator redux/sequel. The outlet says that Munn will play a scientis...

Predator Sequel Movie

Shane Black Updates on Predator Reboot!

In a recent chat with JoBlo, Predator director Shane Black offered some updates on the upcoming film. He said of the project’s new star Boyd Holbrook, “I’ve spent some time with [him] now, he’s ...

Predator Sequel Movie

Benicio Del Toro Circling The Predator?

It’s been a little while since any real news has broken on upcoming reboot The Predator. But now it seems like there’s some pretty huge casting news afoot. According to Deadline, Benicio D...

Prometheus: Life and Death

Comic Review: Prometheus: Life and Death Issue 1

In the midst of the aftershock of 2012’s Prometheus and on the verge of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, the hunger for Xenomorph nirvana is more rampant than ever. Fortunately, Dark Horse’s Prometheus...