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Cannibal Movies

Gruesome Cannibal Movies That Went Unnoticed

Cannibalism has always been at the forefront of the horror genre. It is prevalent in some of the most classic horror films ever made, including The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Night of the Living Dea...

Farmer Vincent in Motel Hell

Eight Original (And Hilarious) Takes on Cannibalism Movies

With so much buzz surrounding Netflix’s upcoming Drew Barrymore centric cannibal comedy The Santa Clarita Diet, I thought there would be no better time to examine some of the funnier takes on cannibal...

starry eyes

25 Movies On Netflix To Watch Before Halloween

Netflix Streaming can be overwhelming — so many options, yet so hard to browse. We have put together another Netflix list of the top horror films, 25 of them, as of early October 2015 that you may not...

Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch In A Blizzard

With the sudden influx of world-ending weather, most of us are looking forward to spending the foreseeable future hiding underneath a blanket with a hot water bottle strapped to each leg. The followin...