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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Is Newline Remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors? Robert Englund Offers His Thoughts

As we previously reported, another remake is in the works for the Nightmare on Elm Street series. It was announced as a series reboot unrelated to the 2010 redux. The latest news we have on the projec...

pet sematary - Unearthed & Untold

Jeff Buhler Offers Major Updates on the Reboots of Pet Sematary, Jacob’s Ladder, and The Grudge

Screenwriter Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train) has really got his hands full these days. He is currently involved with scripting reboots for no less than three recognizable horror films. Our frien...

Pennywise in the It Remake

Horror Remakes to Look Out for in 2016 and Beyond

There are so many reboots coming out at the moment that it can be tough to keep track of them all. Our culture is currently bursting at the seams with remakes and reboots. Part of it is that the studi...

Fox TV's The Exorcist

Exorcist Series Adds True Blood Alum Hannah Kasulka to Casting Lineup

We have just learned that Fox has cast Hannah Kasulka (True Blood alum) to appear in the upcoming small screen reboot of  The Exorcist. Naturally, the series will be at least loosely based on William ...

Saw - Wan and Whannell

Eight Upcoming Sequels and Reboots That Don’t Need to Happen

I know, I know, no sequel or reboot ever needs to happen. Let’s just make that clear right out of the gate. They’re not a necessity and more often than not they do more harm than good. But some of my ...


Inside Remake Lands a Leading Lady, Reveals Sales Art

The remake of the French Extremity horror Inside is picking up steam out of the European Film Market in Berlin. We have just learned via Variety that Rachel Nichols (P2) is attached to star and have a...

Martyrs - Kevin Goetz - Bailey Noble

Blu-Ray Review: Martyrs is Tame Compared to the Original but Not Without Merit

Martyrs tells the story of Lucie (Troian Bellisario), a young girl who was beaten and tortured by a sadistic family years prior. Lucie sets out to track down the family years later and is eventually j...

The Crow Remake

Why The Crow Shouldn’t be Remade (But Why I’d Still Like Another Crow Movie)

I love The Crow. I’ve loved it, bizarrely enough, ever since childhood. Sure, most people discover it as an angsty teenager and I definitely embraced it during that time as well, but as a kid I loved ...

Great scenes left out of horror movies Evil Dead 2013 - Six modern remakes that actually had something to say

Six Modern Remakes That Actually Had Something to Say

The remake craze is dying down. Sure, there will always be remakes and there will always be remakes, but at no point have we had so many with the output that we saw from 2003-2009. We’re still getting...