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Horror movie romances

Bad Romance: Horror Couples That Will Make You Happy to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Horror movies aren’t often thought of as overly romantic. But upon closer inspection, some of them actually are. The couples that can be seen in genre pictures vary from surprisingly devoted to comple...

Gremlins 2

Unholy Matrimony: Six ‘Bride Of…’ Sequels That Really Work

In many ways, Bride of Frankenstein set the standard for just about every trope in horror sequels. From the darker approach to the quirkier, more comedic sequel, Bride really did it all. The most obvi...

Return of the Living Dead 3

Return of the Living Dead 3 is a Criminally Underrated Zombie Film (Here’s Why)

In the name alone, Return of the Living Dead 3 sounds like a horror movie worth avoiding. Sure, Return of the Living Dead is a heralded cult classic, but how much room to grow is there in a franchise ...

Return of the Living Dead 3

Script to Pieces: Brian Yuzna’s Return of the Living Dead 4

Welcome to Script to Pieces, a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where we look at the best, most interesting and at times most unbelievable horror movies that never happened. Sometimes these will be ...

Demon Knight

Eight Terrific, Totally Unexpected Performances in Horror

With so many great actors known for turning in genre work, sometimes you expect a certain performance out of an actor. While they all definitely have a wide range, you call on Robert Englund to be a c...

Return of the Living Dead 3

Body Art: Seven of the Best Body Modification Horror Movies

Body horror is as endlessly fascinating as it is uncomfortable. When we think of body horror, we tend to think of movies about the body breaking down and becoming something else, being transformed by ...

Return of the Living Dead 3

Five Horror Sequels that are Better the Second Time

Everyone goes into certain movies with certain expectations. This is especially true for franchises. The Friday the 13th series has some entries that are unjustly maligned simply because what people w...

Return of the Living Dead 3

Vestron Blu-Ray Review: Return of the Living Dead 3

When Curt’s girlfriend Julie is killed in a motorcycle accident, Curt uses top-secret military technology to reanimate Julie’s corpse. He believes that the pain of losing Julie is too much...

Horror actresses you will recognize but cannot name

Five Horror Actresses You’ll Recognize But Can’t Name

The world of horror celebrity works much like the world of celebrity in general, but on a smaller scale. There are the major stars like Robert Englund, Danielle Harris and Doug Bradley, and then there...

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