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3 From Hell

3 From Hell is the Bloody Cherry on Top of Zombie’s Firefly Trilogy [Review]

3 From Hell is the final installment in the famed Firefly Family trilogy. At last, the return of The Devil’s Rejects themselves. The film takes place a decade after the gang’s shootout wit...

Actor Emilio Rivera Talks 3 From Hell [Interview]

Prolific actor Emilio Rivera was one of the last 3 From Hell characters to get his own teaser poster. However, unlike Otis, Baby, Captain Spaulding, etc., his was the only one not to also include a ch...

Bill Moseley as Otis Driftwood in The Devil's Rejects

Horror Icon Bill Moseley Talks 3 From Hell [Interview]

Bill Moseley requires no introduction; the legendary actor has two massive horror icons to his name in the form of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2‘s Chop Top and Otis Driftwood, his strangely alluring...

3 From Hell poster

Brand New 3 From Hell Image Brings the Camaraderie

It still feels like there’s ages to go until 3 From Hell is finally released upon us but, in the meantime, we’ve another great shot from the flick to tide us over. At least, until next wee...

3 From Hell poster

The Full 3 From Hell Trailer Brings The Carnage

3 From Hell is on the way in just a couple months. The teaser trailer whetted our appetites for the madness to come, but the full-length clip is something else entirely. Hearing Bill Moseley’s O...

3 from hell

Behold, the 3 From Hell Trailer is FINALLY Here!

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for a 3 From Hell (or Three From Hell as it was previously known) trailer to arrive. And, with a 2019 release date still in sight, it was beginning to fe...