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DVD cover picture for Wishmaster

Why Wishmaster is Kind of a Mess (But Still Really Fun)

I remember a time when Wishmaster was thought of as one of the bigger horror icons. He was the last guy to emerge in the ‘90s as a central character of his own franchise. The guy even had his own acti...

Late Phases poster.

Exploring Why Audiences Fell Out of Love With Practical FX

In the 1980’s, makeup effects artists like Tom Savini, Stan Winston, Dick Smith, Kevin Yagher, Rick Baker and Rob Bottin were the superstars of the industry. In the 1990’s, it was KNB. Young readers o...

Event Report: Spooky Empire May-Hem

Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend is a longstanding tradition in Orlando, a horror convention that takes place twice a year, and I’ve been lucky enough to attend many times. After a few years bo...

Fear Clinic poster.

Fear Clinic Has a Release Date!

Today brings the announcement of the DVD and Blu-ray release of Fear Clinic. The film will be released on DVD Blu-ray February 10, 2015 via Anchor Bay Entertainment. Robert Englund, Fiona Dourif, Ange...

DVD cover picture for Wishmaster

A Viewing Guide to the Wishmaster Series

The Wishmaster films are a somewhat of an odd addition to the horror genre. The wish-granting Djinn truly had the potential to be a horror icon but even after four films, audiences are left with littl...

DVD cover picture for Wishmaster

Wishmaster – Be Careful What You Wish For

Wishmaster was the first directorial effort from Robert Kurtzman (the “K” in KNB) and features a script by Peter Atkins (writer of Hellraiser II, III, and IV) and is produced by Wes Craven, for good m...