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Hellboy - Lovecraftian Horror Films - Hellboy

Ron Perlman Wants Hellboy 3 to Happen as Much as You Do

If you have been dying to see a third Hellboy film go into production, you are not alone. In fact, the Hellboy himself took to Twitter to reveal that he would love to see a third film happen. In the d...

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Announcement Trailer

It’s here! It’s finally here! After years of leaks, rumors, and flat out false announcements, Bethesda has not only officially announced Fallout 4, but they have graced us with a trailer. ...

Poker Night Blu-ray artwork.

Serial Killer Thriller Poker Night Headed for DVD and Blu

XLrator Media has reached out to let us know that their serial killer thriller Poker Night will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray next month. Full details after the break. Head inside and take a look! The fi...

I sell the dead is coming to vinyl.

I Sell the Dead OST is Coming to Vinyl

Deep Focus Records and Glass Eye Pix are coming together to release the original soundtrack recording for the horror comedy I Sell the Dead. Star Angus Scrimm will be contributing liner notes which wi...

13 sin horror movie

13 Sins- Game Of Death

[soliloquy id=”8239″] 13 Sins, directed by Daniel Stamm, proves that there a very few things some people are not willing to do in exchange for money. Elliot Brindle (Mark Webber- Jessabell...

13 sin horror movie

13 Sins- Would You Dare Play?

If offered the chance to change your life forever with a massive sum of cash, would you? I would definitely ask what the exact terms were more than once. Just because I am a skeptic like that when it ...