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Candyman Clive Barker Horror Movies Based on Short Stories That Nailed the Adaptation Process

Seven Jump Scares That Have Never Lost Their Impact

Jump scares are incredibly hard to pull off, which is interesting, because they’re so often criticized as being used to for easy, cheap moments to get a reaction out of the audience. A jump scare can ...

Stephen King Sequels

The Six Most Baffling Stephen King Sequels

Stephen King is responsible for more film adaptations than any other living author. And most of the adapted works are from his horror catalogue. Most horror movies have sequels. Because of this, it’s ...

Horror movie locations - horror movie villains still give us nightmares

Five Stephen King Villains That Still Give Us Nightmares

Stephen King has created a wealth of monsters over the years. With countless novels under his belt, he is the most prolific living author regardless of genre. He is the undisputed master of modern hor...

Texas Chainsaw Dinner Scene

The Saw is Family: Remembering Tobe Hooper

John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George Romero, Tobe Hooper. These weren’t just the first horror directors I knew, they were—other than Steven Spielberg—the first directors I knew, period. These were the f...

A Return to Salem's Lot

A Drinking Problem: Why Return to Salem’s Lot is One of the Most Bats–t Sequels Ever Made

Despite being a made-for-TV miniseries, Salem’s Lot is one of the pinnacles of the vampire genre. It’s iconic. Often hailed as one of the best Stephen King adaptations, as well as one of the best from...

Ralphie Glick in Salem's Lot 1979

Lonely Roads, Dark Towers, and the Salem’s Lot Franchise We Could Have Had

Salem’s Lot is one of Stephen King’s simplest novels in terms of the actual plot: a small Maine town is invaded by vampires. That’s the basic crux of the entire story. Yet, it’s also probably my favor...

Horror movie locations - horror movie villains still give us nightmares

Eight Horror Movie Locations So Powerful They Felt Like Characters

Location is extremely important in a horror movie. More often than not, they are isolated, confined places, which is what sparks the horror itself. Sometimes these places become so characterized as ev...

Horror Movie Kids We'd Love to See as Adults

Horror Movie Kids We’d Love to See as Adults

Everyone wonders sometimes what happened after the end of their favorite horror movies. It’s natural. If we care about the characters, we want to see where and how they ended up. It’s part of the reas...

Literary Vampire Sequels Worth Adapting to Film - The Glick boys in Salem's Lot

Horror Backstories That Would Make Great Prequels

The sinister backstory is a large part of just about any work of horror. Sometimes these tidbits of information don’t work, other times they are more interesting than the movie’s actual plot. But then...

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