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The Meg Is More Stath Than Shark [Review]

When it comes to sharksploitation, nothing can touch Jaws, not even its own sequels, the lamest of which (Jaws 3D) is sort of referenced in The Meg. A massive summer blockbuster starring Jason Statham...

The Shallows

Has The Shallows Ushered In A New Era Of Sharksploitation?

As difficult as it is to be a slasher fanatic (particularly nowadays–eek), it’s even harder being obsessed with sharksploitation. I mean, there are very few movies to which the label truly...

MEG - Oceanic Horror - Steve Alten - Nightstalkers

Exclusive Interview: Steve Alten Talks Meg And More!

Steve Alten is the author of the popular Meg series, about a massive prehistoric megalodon shark awakened in the modern era. There are five books in the series, with the fifth having just hit stands, ...

Deep Blue Sea - Jump Scare Supercut

Is It Just Me Or Is Deep Blue Sea The Best Sharksploitation Movie Since Jaws?

In this regular series, a Wicked Horror writer presents an unpopular opinion about a particular genre offering and asks the oft-repeated question, “Is it just me?” In this installment, Joey Keogh pres...