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The Bailey School Kids

Beyond Goosebumps: Kids Horror Books That Are All But Forgotten

Many fans have loved horror most of their lives. Before we were allowed to watch the movies, many of us got into the genre through book series like Goosebumps or Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. But...

The Fly

Five Short Story Adaptations that Ignored the Source Material

Short stories can often be the best place to mine for film adaptations as material doesn’t need to be cut left and right, the way it does when adapting a novel. At the same time, short fiction c...

Wes Craven Movies New Nightmare

Eight Stories Based on Classic Franchises (By Your Favorite Horror Authors) That You’ve Probably Never Heard of!

Believe it or not, even when credited as having some of the best imaginations in the world, writers love to play in each others’ sandboxes. There’s a creative excitement that comes with being allowed ...

Creepy pastas - Slender Man

3 Horrifying Crimes Inspired By The Slender Man

The Slender Man is a well-known creepypasta that has circulated widely around the Internet, inspiring a slew of fans who have created an endless stream of artistic depictions, short stories, and video...

Midian Unmade

Book Review – Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed

Releasing July 28, 2015 from Tor Books is an exciting, authorized collection of 23 short stories called Midian Unmade: Tales from Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. The collection was edited by author J...

Candyman Clive Barker Horror Movies Based on Short Stories That Nailed the Adaptation Process

Horror Movies Based on Short Stories That Nailed the Adaptation Process

Short stories will always be the most underrated form of horror. Some, if not most, of the best horror stories ever told were short fiction. Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Richard Matheson, etc̷...