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Return of the Living Dead 3

Five Horror Sequels that are Better the Second Time

Everyone goes into certain movies with certain expectations. This is especially true for franchises. The Friday the 13th series has some entries that are unjustly maligned simply because what people w...

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Don’t Wanna Dream No More: How A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Empowered the Slasher Genre

The slasher genre has always fallen under a critical eye for showcasing the deaths of teenagers as gratuitous fun. They are generalized as having no characterization and no depth of any kind. The char...

Early slasher movies that should have become classics - The Burning -Shameless ripoffs that gave the original a run for its money

Early Slasher Movies That Should Have Become Classics

There are a lot of slasher movies have become classics in the horror genre. Psycho is widely thought of as the grand-daddy of this sub-genre and is viewed as one of the best horror titles of all time....

Making a Killing: Eight Horror Movies That Hit Big at the Box Office - Bally's - freddy vs jason. Remember that time freddy and jason squared off?

Strangest Things That Almost Happened in Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason is a movie famous for the incredible amount of time that it took to get made. It was first brought up in the mid-1980’s, around the time that the second Nightmare on Elm Street ...

Maniac 1980

How Maniac Explores Murder from a Killer’s Perspective

 William Lustig’s Maniac is a disturbing movie. There are gorier films out there, to be sure, and there are films that went further in terms of violent extremes. But Maniac still feels like one of the...

friday the 13th

Why the Original Friday the 13th Is Not the Best of Its Franchise

To this day, Friday the 13th remains one of the most successful horror movies of all time. It was made for very little money, was not what people were expecting, but once it hit and people started see...

Behind the Mask

Why Behind the Mask is Still One of the Smartest Horror Films of the Past 10 Years

It’s hard to believe that Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is already ten years old. Unlike many horror films released in the past ten years, I saw this one when it was still relatively new....


Netflix Horror Spotlight: Slasher The Executioner

The golden age of slasher movies is over. Or so we’re told. Search your brain–what was the last truly great slasher you saw? How old is it? I’ve got a lot of love for Scream 4, for s...

Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees - Most confusing moments in friday the 13th movies

Seven of the Most Confusing Moments in the Friday the 13th Movies

As much as we love the Friday the 13th series here—and trust me, we do—there are certain things you can’t help but notice as you watch these movies over and over again. Things that have been long deba...