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Not Quite Horror: High Life (2019)

Not Quite Horror is back from the dead. After resting for a bit in its kind-of creepy but still-normal-enough-to-pass-as-regular crypt, our biweekly series returns. In each installment, Joey Keogh wil...

Event Horizon

Seven Movies (Besides Alien) That Prove Space Horror Can Work

Space horror gets a bit of a bad rap. Even when it comes down to the iconic classic of Alien, people tend to stand adamantly on one side of the fence or the other as to whether they even consider it—o...

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is the Purest Space Horror Since Alien

So, let’s be honest right out of the gate: Paul W.S. Anderson is not known for making great movies. He is, absolutely, known for making fun movies. The Resident Evil flicks are pure popcorn entertainm...

Jason X - Final Frontier: Why franchises ultimately end up in space

The Final Frontier: Why Franchises Inevitably End Up in Space

Space is a confusing location for a horror feature. It’s somewhere that every franchise winds up eventually, and yet it’s somewhere that nobody really wants to go. So why does it keep happening? What ...