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Review: Insidious: The Last Key is the Highlight of the Franchise

If mainstream review websites are to be believed, Insidious: The Last Key is the latest installment in another horror franchise which has overstayed its welcome. The reviews claim the series gets wors...

Review: Don’t Knock Twice Is An Uneven Supernatural Thriller

Caradog W. James’s third movie Don’t Knock Twice follows a mother and the daughter, separated by social services, reconnecting after the daughter summons an angry demon. While the cast’s résumés speak...

The Darkness poster image of black handprints on a bed

Blu-Ray Review – The Darkness Has Promise but Falls Too Easily into Familiar Territory

While on a family camping trip in the Grand Canyon, young autistic boy Mikey finds five mystical stones buried underground and brings them home. However, the stones are tied to malicious ancient demon...

Poster for Paul Campion's The Devil's Rock.

The Devil’s Rock – An Intense Supernatural Thriller

[soliloquy id=”6391″] The Devil’s Rock zeroes in on two Kiwi soldiers (Ben and Joseph), on the eve of Normandy, who have been tasked with destroying gun emplacements to distract Hitl...