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Early slasher movies that should have become classics - The Burning -Shameless ripoffs that gave the original a run for its money

Early Slasher Movies That Should Have Become Classics

There are not a lot of slasher movies that have become classics in the horror genre. Psycho is widely thought of as the grand-daddy of the sub-genre and is viewed as one of the best horror titles of a...

'80s slashers you may have missed - Jamie Lee Curtis in Terror Train

Terror Train is a Surprisingly Innovative Slasher

The slasher subgenre boomed after the release of John Carpenter’s Halloween. Where no one was even really sure that Halloween would work—at least not in the way that it did—once it proved to be a succ...

the craft - Feminism in the craft

Eight Endearing Movies About Bullying and Revenge

Horror films and revenge go hand-in-hand. It’s almost a perfect combination. Many, if not most, horror fans have felt ostracized at one time or another. Our interests are uncommon and people love to l...

'80s slashers you may have missed - Jamie Lee Curtis in Terror Train

Why Terror Train is a Much Better New Year’s Horror Than New Year’s Evil

Horror fans love to watch movies set around a certain time of year. Even if those films are terrible, we give them a go. For every Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night there’s a Jack Frost o...

Cult Corner: Don’t Be Scared

Welcome to Cult Corner where we dive through the bargain bins to determine if a movie is trash or treasure. Today’s pick… Master P’s Don’t Be Scared. Don’t Be Scared is a slasher movie and...

Nathan Baesel as the titular character in Scott Glosserman's Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Horror Films that Should have Had Sequels

[soliloquy id=”4892″] Like most things in life, horror sequels are a mixed bag; sometimes they are awful, sometimes they are great, and sometimes they are just OK. Sequels are often the gr...