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The Dark Tower adaptation

Review: The Dark Tower Is A Summer Must-Watch That’s Refreshingly Different To The Usual Box Office Suspects

This past weekend The Dark Tower opened as a much-anticipated film based on the beloved series of novels, by Stephen King, of the same name. However, when I went to look up where/which book(s) exactly...

Sorry Not Sorry, The Dark Tower Isn’t That Bad Of An Adaptation

After the constant stream of entertaining advertising for The Dark Tower, I decided to sit down in my local theater and see if the film lived up to the promise of the trailers (and everything else rel...

The Dark Tower - Fran Kranz

Stephen King: Fans May Have Issues With Dark Tower Movie

In a week that’s already given us our first, tantalising glimpse of Idris Elba as Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower, you would be forgiven for thinking no further info on the hugely-anticipated ...