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The Diabolical

Bottom 5: Worst Of Frightfest 2015

As difficult as it was to choose five top flicks from this year’s remarkably strong Frightfest lineup, it’s been even harder to find movies not to recommend. 2015 boasted an incredibly hig...

The Diabolical

Frightfest 2015 Review: The Diabolical

Following hot on the heels of this year’s decent, but ultimately pointless, Poltergeist remake comes The Diabolical, a paranormal thriller in the same vein as that most famous of paranormal thri...

The Diabolical

XLrator Media Acquires Ali Larter Horror-Thriller The Diabolical

XLrator Media has just announced that they have secured US distribution rights to the Ali Larter thriller The Diabolical. The company will be distributing the film via their genre film focused Macabre...