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Maniac 1980

Seven Surprisingly Mean-Spirited Classic Slashers

For the most part, slashers are fun popcorn horror movies. We’re not meant to think too deeply about them. We’re not really meant to mourn for the passing of these characters, we’re just along for the...

Early slasher movies that should have become classics - The Burning -Shameless ripoffs that gave the original a run for its money

Early Slasher Movies That Should Have Become Classics

There are a lot of slasher movies have become classics in the horror genre. Psycho is widely thought of as the grand-daddy of this sub-genre and is viewed as one of the best horror titles of all time....

An American Werewolf in London

Golden Year: The Horror Of 1981

In the eighties, horror movies took off in a big way, garnering mainstream success and becoming mega-hits for the first time. It all started in 1981, after the circulation of success between powerhous...