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They Live Is Still Just as Relevant 30 Years Later

Socioeconomic disparity, unemployment,  oppressive government and police violence. No, I am not talking about the world today. I am talking about John Carpenters seminal classic They Live. Celebrating...

They Live - Horror films that satirize Regan-era America

10 Horror Films That Satirize Reagan-America

When surveying history from a media-centric approach, it is too easy to fall prey to vast oversimplifications. In regards to horror cinema–-a genre that oftentimes sees fit to hold a mirror up to soci...

Unboxing Horror Block

Horror Block Unboxing – January 2016

Nerd Block is a subscription mystery box that delivers geeky collectibles right to your door each month. You can choose whatever theme box you are into–there’s the Classic Block, Arcade Block, Sci-Fi ...

How They Live Bit Back At Yuppie Consumerism

[soliloquy id=”18936″] They Live is the most overtly political film John Carpenter ever made, and that’s saying something, as most of the director’s work touches on politics to...