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Submerged is an Engaging Dramatic Thriller [Review]

A group of friends out for a night on the town has their good times ruined when would-be kidnappers run their limousine off the road and into the depths of a canal. Submerged focuses on the limo drive...

a banner image for the film Awaken - Natalie Burn

Awaken is a Slow Burn Thriller [Review]

Natalie Burn’s action-packed thriller, Awaken features Burn as Billie, a young woman searching for her sister. Her exploration leads her to Mexico where her sister disappeared. Billie awakens on...

old boy remake by spike lee, oldboy.

Oldboy Serves Up Ice Cold Revenge

I thoroughly enjoyed Spike Lee’s “reimagining” of the Park Chan-Wook cult classic Oldboy, which was originally loosely based on a late 1990s Japanese manga series. This remake tells the story of Joe D...