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The Dark Tapes - Five movies that should be on your radar

5 Movies that Should be on Your Radar

Anticipating release dates for horror films can be just as much fun as actually watching them. Ideally I would love to be the first in line at every horror movie premiere, or to be the first customer ...

Blu-Ray Review – Train to Busan Keeps the Zombie Genre Alive (Undead?)

It begins with the resurrection of a dead deer on the road, and ends with an exciting and startlingly emotional climax that will make you excited about zombie movies again. The South Korean flick Trai...

Frightfest 2016 Review: Train To Busan

Just when it seems we’ve seen zombies in every possible, horrible situation imaginable (lest we forget, 2013’s brilliant Stalled put them in a toilet) Train To Busan trundles into the stat...