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From Dusk Till Dawn

Why From Dusk Till Dawn is Still Going Strong After More Than 20 Years

More than twenty years ago, filmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino spun the vampire genre on its head with From Dusk Till Dawn. In that time, the film has only grown in popularity, having b...

Fright Night

Back to the ’80s: Fright Night

Welcome to Back to the ’80s. This recurring feature aims to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly from horror’s most beloved decade. Regardless of which category a particular film falls under...

Chilling Settings in Horror

Ten More of the Most Chilling Settings in Horror

One of the most obvious parts of the film-going experience is the presentation of images given to the audience. Many components contribute to the scare factor in a horror film, such as sound, acting, ...

Evil Ed Fright Night

Worst to First: Ranking the Fright Night Franchise

Fright Night is a staple of the vampire genre. It came along at exactly the right moment. After the Hammer horror films of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, vampires kind of disappeared from the mainstream for a l...

Five Horror Novelizations worth a Closer Look

A now dying art for fans of the horror genre, the novelization once enhanced the experience for the carnage obsessed bookworm. Arguably a way for the filmmakers to further cash in on a movie, the nove...

Western/Horror Film Hybrids that work surprisingly well. Vampires.- Vampire Novels that went widely overlooked

Six Vampire Novels That Went Widely Overlooked

While they may have faded from the teen fiction world in recent years, vampire novels have always dominated genre literature and haven’t really gone away. The Strain trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and ...


Why Subspecies is a Perfect Throwback to ’60s Gothic Camp

Full Moon Entertainment was never known for really making movies that were “of the time.” They weren’t relevant to current cultural issues. Charles Band simply wanted to produce films similar to the R...

Ten Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Started in Horror

When trying to recall actors who became noteworthy to mainstream media and entertainment fans after appearing in horror themed projects, one typically thinks of Jennifer Anniston in Leprechaun, George...

Castle Dracula

120 Years and Counting: Why Dracula is More Modern Than It’s Given Credit For

Believe it or not, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is 120 years old. With the amount of impact it’s had on pop culture, from movies and television, books and comics and video games, to cereals, to the fact that...

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