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Brinna Kelly

Brinna Kelly Talks The Fare [Interview]

Brinna Kelly is the screenwriter and one of the stars of The Fare. Click here to check out our gushing review of the movie. Kelly kindly provided the following bio which describes her humble beginning...

Jason Mewes’ Madness in the Method Swings and Misses [Frightfest 2019 Review]

Madness in the Method is the directorial debut of one Jason Mewes, heretofore known as the Jay half of Jay and Silent Bob. As a result, his legacy with the mighty Kevin Smith looms large, with one of ...

Poster for Ryûhei Kitamura's Midnight Meat Train

The Midnight Meat Train Retrospective – Subterranean Slasher

[soliloquy id=”5245″] The Midnight Meat Train finds Leon (Bradley Cooper), a struggling photographer trying to get in touch with his dark side at the behest of a gallery owner (Brooke Shie...