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Monster Movies

The Hardy Boys Meet Reverend Werewolf: Why Silver Bullet’s Uncle Red is an Unsung Horror Hero

Silver Bullet is easily one of the most underrated adaptations of the author’s work. There are those who saw the movie when they were younger and list it not only as a favorite adaptation, but a favor...

Bad Moon 1996

Trouble on the Way: Why Bad Moon Doesn’t Get Enough Credit After 20 Years

On one level, Bad Moon frustrates the hell out of me. As a young horror fan, I loved werewolves. Along with vampires, they were pretty much my favorite movie monsters. But unlike vampires, I was very ...

The Howling 1981

Seven Old-School Werewolves That Still Hold Up

I love werewolf movies. They’re easily one of my favorite sub-genres in horror. But they’re so hard to get right and at times that makes loving them so, so frustrating. There are a lot of variables th...

Monster Movies

Why Silver Bullet Could Have Been a Classic Werewolf Movie

Stephen King’s Silver Bullet certainly has its fans. It’s not one of the best adaptations of the author’s work, but it is far from the worst. There’s something almost charming to the fact that it wear...

Wolf Man

Why the Wolf Man is Such an Enduring Movie Monster

There’s no better time than the Halloween season to go back and watch through the classic catalogue of Universal monsters. For many fans, this will always be the classic era. This was the time and the...

Dog Soldiers 2002

Script to Pieces: Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat

Welcome to Script to Pieces, a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where we look at the best, most interesting and at times most unbelievable horror movies that never happened. Sometimes these will be ...

The Howling Sequels

25 Years Later… Looking Back at the Two Least Worst Howling Sequels

There are horror franchises that are beloved and then there are beloved horror movies that have spawned franchises. Friday the 13th, for example, is a beloved franchise—perhaps more than it is a belov...

Beast Within

Review: Beast Within Is A Flawed, But Fun, Werewolf Movie

The last few years have seen a sort-of werewolf resurgence in horror. Wolfcop, Howl, and Late Phases, to name just three such titles released during this time, proved that lycan-themed stories could b...

Forgotten Werewolf Movies

Forgotten Werewolf Movies That Need to Be Rediscovered

Werewolves are among the most popular horror monsters of all time, yet they make up one of the most overlooked of sub-genres. That’s always sort of been the fate of the werewolf. They’re harder to pul...