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X-Files May See a Season 11 and a Third Film!

Monday’s X-Files finale left off on somewhat of a cliffhanger. Although, it did tie up most of the issues raised in the first five episodes, a new series of questions arose in the season finale....

The X-Files

Three of the Weirdest Aliens From The X-Files

The X-Files has made its glorious return to television after a hiatus which lasted over a decade. With its return, comes a wave of nostalgia for episodes past. (This is especially true after the #201D...

The X-Files

Interview: X-Files Secrets from Series Creator Chris Carter

The X-Files has returned to FOX after a fourteen year break from regular, serialized television. The show has returned as a limited series event with six episodes, rather than a full-length season. Th...

Hellbound Comic Cover

Advance Comic Review: Hellbound

Hellbound is one of those horror graphic novels that poses more questions than it answers at first glance. The cover looks like a painting from the VHS boxes of my childhood rather than something I...

X-Files Archives Volume One - Joel McHale

Book Review: X-Files Archives Vol 1

X-Files Archives Volume 1: Whirlwind and Ruins is a compilation of two previously released, stand-alone novels by prominent science fiction writers. IDW Publishing released this volume this week, and ...

X-Files Archives Volume One - Joel McHale

First Look at Scully and Mulder on the X-Files Set!

We have exciting news for X-Files fans. We’ve got your first look at Mulder and Scully on the set of the revival series. Head past the jump for your first look at the new image!

X-Files Archives Volume One - Joel McHale

Joel McHale Boards X-Files Revival at Fox

Host of The Soup and star of Community Joel McHale has signed on to appear in a guest capacity on the six episode revival of the much beloved sci-fi series The X-Files.  Deadline reports that McHale w...

The X-Files series

(Updated) David Duchovny Confirms Skinner and Smoking Man Will Return to X-Files

Update: While David Duchovny had assured us that Mitch Pileggi would be returning to the series, Pileggi himself took to Twitter today to reaffirm what Duchovny had already said. Pileggi’s Tweet...

Featured image for Archie's Weird Mysteries

Saturday Mournings: Archie’s Weird Mysteries

Archie Comics were always among the most wholesome form of four-color entertainment. It was the red-headed kid next door getting into goofy and harmless trouble with his pals in the small town of Rive...