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Evil Dead II 4K DVD and Blu-Ray Combo is Groovy

The Evil Dead series uses a classic horror setup. In the first two films, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his friends go to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of partying and reading aloud from an a...

Easter Eggs in Horror Movies

Five Great Easter Eggs Hidden in Horror Movies

Filmmakers love to reference other filmmaker’s work, and this is especially true of horror. The Scream franchise is built upon movie references and in-jokes. It ushered in an age of meta horror, in wh...

the cabin in evil dead II

Why Evil Dead II is Not a Remake of the First

Evil Dead II is a very similar movie to the first in terms of its setting and plot. It opens with a bit of backstory on the Book of the Dead—which would not be referred to as the Necronomicon unt...

Bruce Campbell in Spider-Man 2

Eight Groovy Bruce Campbell Performances That Have Stood the Test of Time

Bruce Campbell is a cultural icon. He’s one of the very few B-Movie icons to be truly embraced by the mainstream in a huge way. People adore this man, and he’s earned their adoration in a long career ...

Linda in Evil Dead II - Commentary tracks that are hilarious

Five Commentary Tracks That Are Actually Hilarious

Commentary tracks can go in all sorts of different directions. They can be a useful tool for  shedding new light on the film, they can be used as an excuse for those involved to goof off, and other ti...