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Poster art for J. Lee Thompson's Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Birthday to Me Retrospective – A Giallo-Inspired Slasher

[soliloquy id=”4682″] A deviant in black gloves is eradicating the coolest clique at The Crawford Academy, The Top Ten. The killer’s identity is a mystery. We know only that he or she has ...

Poster for Charles' Kaufman's Mother's Day 1980.

Mother’s Day 1980 Retrospective – A Brutal Revenge Thriller

[soliloquy id=”4782″] Mother’s Day 1980 is a Troma Studios release. It follows Abbey, Trina, and Jackie, who were roommates and best friends in college, embark on their annual weekend geta...

Silent Night

Silent Night (2012) is a Remake that Justifies its Own Existence

In Silent Night, a small, mid-western town Sheriff discovers that a vigilante maniac in a Santa suit has set off on a murder spree. The madman is killing off the residents of the town that he deems il...