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Protector 101: Killbots

Protector 101: Killbots Is Auditory Pandemonium [Album Review]

Synthwave composer Protector 101 is back to the delight of fans and synth aficionados everywhere. Recently, the artist dropped his latest album Killbots to favorable reviews by listeners. With an ever...


Cassie’s Top 5 Favorite Scary Songs

Two weeks ago, I shared my favorite films and television episodes to watch during the month of October. With today being Halloween, I figured it’d be fitting to also share some of my favorite scary so...

John Carpenter - Horror personalities that deserve their face on American currency

Check Out the Music Video for the John Carpenter Track “Night”

Today, we have a music video to share with you for the track “Night” from the John Carpenter Lost Themes album. Carpenter did not direct but he does star in it. Gavin Hignight and Ben Verh...

Razakel the female horrorcore rapper.

Introducing Razakel: Bad to the Bone.

Hailing from Ogden, Utah, Razakel, is not the sweet girl next door. She is the self proclaimed “Jodi Arias of your area” as her lyrics suggest. With a strong fan base Razakel has a unique ...

The Buttress

Introducing The Buttress: All-Round Badass

Badass is just one word to describe The Buttress, AKA The Flyest Buttress. Straight outta New Jersey, this artist, musician, filmmaker and female rapper has the swag, the sound and the vision. She doe...

How The Internet Could Do To Horror What it Did To The Music and Adult Film Industries

A few weeks back, I read an article about the effects the Internet has had on the music industry, and I was surprised. I knew that CD sales were down significantly, but the idea that they have al...