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The Steam Man #1

Comic Review: The Steam Man, Issue 1

Competing with the likes of Paul Bunyan for the hardest big guy in the West, The Steam Man sows the seed of a solid, steam-punk myth. It does have a bit of a prerequisite, being derived in part from E...

The alternate cover for "Death Sentence: London," a post-apocalyptic sequel to "Death Sentence"

Advance Review: Death Sentence London #1

Anarchy in the U. K. is experiencing some minor technical difficulties. Fresh from the minds of writer-artist tag team Montynero and Martin Simmonds comes Death Sentence: London, the sequel to Titan C...

10 Alien Movies You Should See (Besides Alien)

The Alien franchise makes up one of the most widely known and highly recognizable horror franchises in recent history, but there are far more alien films in the vast expanse of the horror genre. Our c...