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My Bloody Valentine 3D Movie Poster.

Why My Bloody Valentine 3D is More Important Than You Remember

[soliloquy id=”18114″] My Bloody Valentine 3D is an important movie, maybe even in spite of itself. However, for me to properly explain why, you need to come on a journey with me. Allow me...

Detail of Michael Berryman as Pluto from The Hills Have Eyes.

A Viewing Guide to the Hills Have Eyes Franchise

According to Scottish folklore, Sawney Bean was a blue-collar scoundrel who abandoned his family business of ditch digging in favor of a cruel woman with antisocial inclinations of her own. The two sh...

Silent House

Silent House (2012) is an Unnecessary English Language Remake

Sarah and her father journey to the middle of nowhere to restore the family cabin and prepare it to go on the market. Sarah’s uncle Peter joins the pair shortly after the work commences. Naturally, st...

Toolbox Murders

Toolbox Murders (2004) is Significantly Better than the Original

A young woman named Nell and her husband move into an old hotel that has been converted to apartments. The other tenants are a bit strange and their building manager is a creep. But the rent is reason...