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Evil Ed Fright Night

Seven Most Memorable Sidekicks in Horror

I tend to get attached to characters in horror movies. When something is well written or well acted, if I’m engaged enough I’ll find myself thinking too deeply into this fictional person’s nonexistent...

Shaun (Simon Pegg) and his friends trying to blend in amongst the others in Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead.

Eight Horror Movies to Introduce Your Non-Horror-Loving Friends to the Genre

It’s a sad truth of being a horror fan that not everyone we know is into the genre. In fact, most people we know aren’t. That’s what makes the horror community so tight-knit and respectable to begin w...

Nina Forever

5 Great Rom-Zom-Coms (That Aren’t Shaun Of The Dead)

Shaun Of The Dead was released a whopping twelve years ago, this year, and in its wake there have been many, lesser pretenders to the throne – hell, the flick coined its own sub-genre, the lovin...

Anti Valentine's Day Films Australian horror the loved ones directed by sean bryne

10 Great Anti-Valentines Day Horror Movies

Valentine’s Day, AKA the most romantic day of the year (snort), is upon us yet again. Although the majority of film fans will be settling down for a quiet night in with Richard Gere/Richard Curt...

Edgar Wright's Shaun of the dead from Unlikely horror heroes that saved the day.

Unlikely Horror Heroes that Saved the Day

[soliloquy id=”4937″] Horror films sometimes seem like they are taking place in an alternate reality where the rules of real life and logic don’t apply. The biggest and strongest character...

Nathan Baesel as the titular character in Scott Glosserman's Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Horror Films that Should have Had Sequels

[soliloquy id=”4892″] Like most things in life, horror sequels are a mixed bag; sometimes they are awful, sometimes they are great, and sometimes they are just OK. Sequels are often the gr...

A scene from Return of the Living Dead which is one of Ten of the Best Non-Romero Zombie Films

Ten of the Best Non-Romero Zombie Films

[soliloquy id=”4990″] When it comes to zombie films, George A. Romero is regarded as king. He is like a grandfather to the genre. He is responsible for classics like Night of the Living De...