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The Dead Next Door

Cult Corner: The Dead Next Door

Welcome to Cult Corner where we dive through the bargain bins to determine if a movie is trash or treasure. Today’s pick… J.R. Bookwalter’s The Dead Next Door. At the risk of sounding elit...

Effects sequences that almost went terribly wrong

Seven Effects Sequences That Almost Went Very Wrong

Some of the best horror movies boast elaborate visual effects sequences that really help them to stand out. These scenes often form some of the feature’s most impressive and iconic moments. The ...

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Five Things We Want to See in Ash vs. Evil Dead

It might seem crazy, and if you’ve been a horror fan as long as I have it’s still entirely surreal to think that this is even happening, but Ash vs. Evil Dead is on its way. After years and years of t...

Linda in Evil Dead II - Commentary tracks that are hilarious

Five Commentary Tracks That Are Actually Hilarious

Commentary tracks can go in all sorts of different directions. They can be a useful tool for  shedding new light on the film, they can be used as an excuse for those involved to goof off, and other ti...

Ash vs. Evil Dead - Poster for Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead.

Evil Dead is Headed for the Small Screen!

[soliloquy id=”4188″] Listen up, you primitive screw heads: Starz has just announced that they have ordered ten episodes of a new series that ties into the Evil Dead franchise called Ash v...

Evil Dead series. The Evil Dead 1981 movie directed by Sam Raimi. Poster for Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead.

Remake Comparison – Evil Dead

The Evil Dead remake is tough to compare with the original film because it is a very different movie—even a very different kind of movie—despite having the original creators involved. It’s also not a ...

An American Werewolf in London

Golden Year: The Horror Of 1981

In the eighties, horror movies took off in a big way, garnering mainstream success and becoming mega-hits for the first time. It all started in 1981, after the circulation of success between powerhous...

Edgar Wright's Shaun of the dead from Unlikely horror heroes that saved the day.

Unlikely Horror Heroes that Saved the Day

[soliloquy id=”4937″] Horror films sometimes seem like they are taking place in an alternate reality where the rules of real life and logic don’t apply. The biggest and strongest character...

Five Great Horror Pictures that are Based on a Short

[soliloquy id=”4947″] A Lot of filmmakers get their start by making short films. Fede Alvarez was tapped by Sam Raimi to direct the Evil Dead remake based on his short film Panic Attack! F...

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