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Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw is Bloody Bonkers [Review]

​Velvet Buzzsaw is an odd film. It wears its oddness proudly, like a strategically chosen Versace blouse. ​As a follow-up to the deathly serious but otherwise empty Roman J. Israel Esq., it makes zero...


Hereditary Isn’t Perfect, But We Should Still Be Glad It Exists

There’s something worrisome going on with horror fans lately. It first reared its ugly head around the time of The Witch‘s release, and it’s happening again in response to Hereditary...


Hereditary Is Overrated and Doesn’t Live Up To All The Hype

At this point, anytime a horror movie receives universal praise from critics, that means one of two things: Either it’s piggybacking off a hot button sociopolitical issue (why, hello there, Get Out) o...


Not Quite Horror: Imperium (2016)

Horror is evolving as a genre. Although your local multiplex is still loaded with the usual contenders, look a bit closer and you’ll find the latest drama, thriller, or crime offering is closer to hor...


Giveaway: Win a Copy of Krampus on Blu-ray!

Christmas will come early this year for some lucky Wicked Horror readers, as we have two copies of Krampus (review) to give away on Blu-Ray! It was released on Digital HD on April 12, 2016 and will be...

Horror movies of 2015 - Krampus - The Year Christmas Horror Broke Out 2015

Krampus Is A Nicely Nasty Festive Treat [Review]

“Nothing bad’s gonna happen on Christmas” soothes Allison Tolman to a frightened child, just as things are starting to go very, very bad in Krampus, the latest flick set to take on t...

Fright Night

Fright Night 2011 is a Below Average Redux [Retrospective]

Fright Night 2011 finds Jerry Dandridge moving in next to Charley Brewster. Charley quickly begins to suspect that something is awry. Charlie witnesses a variety of strange behaviors from his new neig...