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Return to Horror High

Return to Horror High was Insanely Ahead of Its Time: And Here’s Why!

Return to Horror High is a low-budget slasher from the late ‘80’s, which was a notoriously bad time for the sub-genre. Not only were the films cheap, they generally had terrible actors and even worse ...

Friday the 13th

Four Friday the 13th Spinoffs We Wish Existed

The Friday the 13th series is loaded with entertaining characters that are not hulking behemoths in hockey masks. Whether they be good, bad, or completely incompetent, those that stand out are always ...

Motel Hell Remake

Motel Hell is a Smart, Satirical Horror Movie

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the quintessential barbecue horror movie, if such a thing exists. It may even be surprising to learn that there are others, but Texas is a benchmark in the wide spectru...

Sleepaway Camp - Least Surprising Plot Twists - Seven Villains Who Need More Recognition - Sleepaway Camp as a Trans Narrative

The Pros and Cons of Sleepaway Camp as a Trans Narrative

I should start off this examination of the film by saying that I am not a trans individual and that this is only my understanding of both the merits and the problems of Sleepaway Camp and how it deals...

Halloween II 1981

How Halloween II Was Shaped by the Early Slashers

While Halloween II is consistent with the first and is overall a very similar film, it was made in a completely different climate and that surely has an effect on the movie itself. This was made the s...

Drew Barrymore takes a call from the killer in Scream

Horror Logic: Run Upstairs, Get Naked And Keep Filming

Horror logic dictates we should run upstairs instead of out the front door. Horror logic assures us that entering the murky swamp/darkened house/pitch-black basement is the best and only option availa...

Maniac 1980

Seven Surprisingly Mean-Spirited Classic Slashers

For the most part, slashers are fun popcorn horror movies. We’re not meant to think too deeply about them. We’re not really meant to mourn for the passing of these characters, we’re just along for the...

Danielle Harris in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

How Halloween 4 Saved the Franchise

When John Carpenter’s Halloween was released, it was the most successful independent film of all time. It held that record for many years. The success didn’t happen right away, though. It made no mone...

How The Burning Beat Friday the 13th At its Own Game

After the success of Halloween, Sean Cunningham—in attempt to recreate that success—directed Friday the 13th. From there, the slasher craze of the early 1980’s was born. Movies like Terror Train, Prom...

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